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4.7 out of 5 stars

  • Holly H.

    This event was sooooo amazing and well put together! Immersive is an understatement! It was so amazing to feel like you were living in the time and place of Monet. If I could give this more than 5 stars I would.

  • Wesley T.

    The entire experience was terrific! We could take our time and absorb every moment while walking through time enjoying most if not all of Monet's artwork. The garden opened our eyes to what he was seeing while painting; it was so beautiful! The VR experience was the high point of the exhibit and brought the experience together.

  • April D.

    We took all of our employees to Monet after our Christmas office luncheon. The experience was amazing and the staff was professional. Ray in Belfast was very accommodating to our large group and even met us at the end of the experience to make sure we enjoyed ourselves.

  • Jarlon B.

    What a beautiful time! I took my daughter and granddaughter and it was so wonderful to share the experience with three generations of my family! It was a very moving (and emotional) experience. Photos and words just don’t come close to describing the immersion. Very well done! Thank you for a beautiful afternoon.

  • Tammy B.

    Absolutely a beautiful experience! My mother is an artist and this was such a cool thing for her to experience.

  • Dawn C.

    Excellent, fun and engaging. We went to the Van Gogh exhibit last year so definitely wanted to see Monet. The 360 degree display is beautiful and peaceful. Be sure to do the virtual reality journey for an extra $5.

  • Marie A.

    Breathtaking experience! Something you have to see in person to believe it. Venue was very comfortable, staff was very kind and the exhibition was fantastic. Highly recommended!

  • Alejandro B.

    Amazing, everything was great. The people that worked putting everything in place did a great job. The experience itself was very enjoyable. I will go a couple more times :)

  • Michael T.

    I have enjoyed all parts of this and the Van Gogh Immersive Experience - the Virtual Reality is amazing, and I got a kick out of seeing my colored "masterpiece" as if projected onto the wall in the exhibition. I hope to see more of these - I suggest Rembrandt next!!!

  • Sue S.

    This was a birthday gift for my mom (for the lady that has everything she needs) which she enjoyed immensely. We both enjoyed sitting in the immersion room taking in the whole experience. Thank you for a beautiful display of Monet’s works

  • Rakhi V.

    Educational, uplifting, and completely immersive. Do yourself a favor and buy the $5 virtual reality add-on at the end, it'll be the best $5 you've ever spent in Belfast.

  • Jasmine P.

    It was absolutely amazing! Wonderful date night idea. Come photo-ready but also ready to learn and experience Claude Monet life! It’s so beautiful.

  • Gloria M.

    I had seen a number of Monet’s paintings in museums, but I loved seeing them exhibited in a regular room, up close and personal. I could have sat through the breathtaking exhibition of lights and imagery for hours; it was spectacular!

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